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Awareness/Education/Online Assaults/Various Internet Abuses/Safety Practices/Policy Standards



Internet abuse has become a rampant reality in our world and cyberbullying has become a pervasive term in our modern-day vernacular to represent a wide variety of online hate activity, however wrongly. Because of the chronic misuse of such guideless terminologies, online abuse remains largely  underestimated, trivialised, and misunderstood. In raising awareness of the issues, it is critical we study the distinctions between various internet abuses in order to properly identify the best solutions and define appropriate safety practices and standard policies.


All areas of internet abuse pose serious and harmful consequences to online victims. Many abuses are closely tied but all are individual. Cyber-bullying relates mostly to school-age children expressing cruelty at their peers primarily through social media, but this behaviour also exists in the adult workplace. Cyberstalking and cyber-terrorism pertain almost exclusively to the adult world distinguished by a larger degree of sophistication including behaviours such as intimidation, humiliation, and extreme threats which can easily escalate into manifestations of physical violence. Social engineering is a dangerous type of cyber harassment that incorporates influencing and inciting mob behaviours through utilising techniques such as doxing, flaming, and psychological terrorism. It is of extreme importance we raise our awareness to the insidious and perilous nature of internet abuse. It is only then that we can develop proper  standards and policy in assuaging the problem. Get informed today. 


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