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cyber safety

Cyber safety is an essential component to any online activity whether it be at school, on social media sites, or on the job. It is commonly misunderstood that school-age children are the only group internet safety applies to because they are more vulnerable to online predators and bullies.  However, adults fall victim to cyber-attacks every day and are just as much at risk (if not more) than children.  The online world today has truly become dangerous terrain for any user in any age group and therefore should demand a set of safety standards in-place to ensure the wellbeing of all netizens.


There are different risks for children than adults. Today with easy and ubiquitous access to the internet, children are exposed more than ever to sexual materials, sexual solicitations, threats, and harassment.  Statistics about young people subjected to these offenses are alarmingly high yet they are still rough indicators at best with research showing only a small percentage of kids actually confessing to their interactions and experiences with online abuses.  Some key steps in reducing the chances a child will fall victim to cyber-crimes begins with parents having a good foundation of trust and respect in relationships with their  children.  The kids most vulnerable are those who already do not have a good relationship with a trusted adult.






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