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The Global Institute for Cyber Safety & Standards is comprised of participants from around the world with the common goal of instigating change to address the serious inadequacies in existing internet safety policies and practice standards. These sobering inadequacies currently place millions of online users at risk of harm. We believe that for our safer internet goals to be realised, it can only be achieved through educating the public, raising awareness of the issues, speaking out against online attackers, and offering support and guidance to those damaged by them.


A chief component of our work occurs through our mentorship programme comprised of collaborators from all corners of the globe providing personal experience, services and expertise, valuable insights, and a full spectrum of support. The excellence of the programme bespeaks the positive change we see in continuing awareness on a daily basis and is attributed to our trained partners and colleagues who are placed in direct contact with regions and cultures closest to their own in order to establish greater trust, camaraderie, and meaning to all seeking relief from their cyber-attackers and desiring to organise efforts in the voice for change in their region. It is our doctrine that cyber safety begins with a fundamental change not only to the way the internet is allowed to operate, but also to how societal standards and perceptions must evolve in order to alleviate the suffering of so many individuals. 


Our latest programme is about the power of compounding efforts in education within our coalition and bringing attention and combined efforts in global community organisation. Trainers teaching new teachers who will then train others and so forth. The Institute has established a five year mentorship plan combining a growing number of countries in adopting a common message and forward direction to change. The internet is so widely used by those of all age groups and walks of life, we consider cyber safety a paramount issue that must be addressed multilaterally without prejudice in gender, ethnicity, region, social class, or circumstances. Enrollment in our mentorship programme results in the Institute's intensive training courses, competency examinations, and official mentorship certification.


Our philosopy is simple and rings true from all corners of the world. We only have a voice if we are willing to use it. 

Mentorship Programmes

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Support and Guidance 

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